This refers to the reduction in the mound of the nipple. This technique is occasionally performed in male patients who have excessive protrusion of their nipples.

Whether due to genetics, trauma, aging or breastfeeding, some patients’ areolae and nipples are far too large and disproportionate. This makes breasts look odd.

They may even be misshapen or asymmetric. One feels uncomfortable exposing breasts to anyone as a result.

These are some of the issues you may be looking to address:

  • Long Nipples
  • Droopy Nipples
  • Enlarged Areolae
  • Puffy Areolae

The procedure involves excising a segment of the nipple form the lower half of the front surface of the nipple. It may also need to be done in combination with tissue from the underside of the nipple. The procedure is generally performed under local anesthetic. The patient is recommended to keep the nipples clean and dry for 48 hours and the sutures are generally removed at 10 days post-operatively. This procedure when performed in female patients may at times result in the inability to breastfeed in the future.

Please note the reduction of the diameter and size of the breast is termed a ‘mastopexy’ or ‘breast lift’.