Comestic Surgeon for Nipple Reconstruction Surgery in Mumbai

The most common types of breast surgery are breast augmentations, breast reductions, and breast lifts. However, many patients also undergo breast reconstruction in order to restore normal breast features after recovering from breast cancer or injury. In Mumbai, Dr. VinayJacob performs nipple reconstruction using advanced techniques that minimize scarring and recovery time.


Why is Nipple Reconstruction done?


If your nipples were removed during a mastectomy, you can usually have surgery, tattooing, or both to recreate the nipple and areola (the dark area around the nipple). Some people find that reconstructing or tattooing their nipples is an appropriate final step in breast reconstruction. Some don't. You are completely free to make your decision, and you can take as long as you like.

What cosmetic concerns are addressed by a nipple reduction procedure?

Excess nipple tissue can be altered to correct shape, size, protrusion, and proportion.

A nipple reduction can be performed after breastfeeding to address changes in the appearance of the nipple


This involves the creation of a nipple areolar mound and pigment to replace that removed by mastectomy.

Patients having a mastectomy will have the nipple removed at the time of their mastectomy. A nipple can be reconstructed after breast reconstruction. Nipple reconstruction is done after the reconstructed breast has had time to heal — at least 3 or 4 months after reconstruction surgery.

Nipple reconstruction surgery is usually done as outpatient surgery. It may be performed at the same time as a balancing operation is performed on the opposite breast (if required).

The nipple may be reconstructed from the surrounding , at the site desired for nipple placement. The surgeon makes small incisions and then elevates the tissue into position, forming and shaping it into a living tissue projection that mimics the natural nipple.

A dressing is applied for 1 week and at the end of that time, the stitches are removed. The new nipple and surrounding areola can be tattooed about 3 months after surgery.