Best Neck lift Surgery in Mumbai

A taut, youthful appearance is something everyone strives for. Everyone wants to stop aging in its tracks so that they can retain those amazing features they had as children. A chiseled and contoured face and jawline is a sign of youth, and everyone strives for it. Who can stop time and aging?

Among the first parts of the body to show signs of aging is the neck. Due to the thin skin of the neck, wrinkles are more noticeable. It becomes unattractive when the skin of the neck begins to sag and droop.

What is a Neck Lift ?

Neck Lift surgery also termed neck plastic surgery is executed in tandem with the conventional facelift or may be executed in isolation. A facelift will also produce a lift and an improvement in the contour of the neck.

Additional procedures can also be performed on the neck to enhance the lifting produced by a facelift (e.g. a posterior cervicoplasty) at the time of the facelift procedure. It is also possible for an isolated lift to be performed on the neck without a facelift.

The operation is usually performed as an inpatient procedure under general anesthetic. It is possible to perform some procedures under sedation and local anesthetic. Most patients only stay one night and day case procedures are possible.

An incision is made in front of the ear, extending into the hairline and behind the ear. The strong connective tissue layer under the is tightened to reduce the redundancy of this layer. Excess redundant is then excised. In a MACS facelift, a shorter incision and more limited undermining may be employed.

There are a number of alternative smaller face-lifting operations that produce excellent results in some patients. Not all patients are suitable for these procedures. These alternative techniques involve shorter incisions, less extensive undermining and different techniques to re-drape the connective tissue layer.