Stretched and Torn Earlobes

Auroplasty or Earlobe hole/tear repair is a very commonly sought surgical procedure used to repair the earlobe. Many ladies at times resort to a quick-fix, using chemicals to seal the enlarged earlobe hole. However, this can damage the tissues and is not recommended at all.

It is a repair of torn or stretched earlobes as a result of previous piercings that have pulled through the tissue in the earlobe.

This is also the case where patients have used sizers and have stretched the earlobes excessively.

Each procedure is tailored to the nature of the defect. We ask our patient to wear ear tops on the same day of surgery.

The benefit is patient enjoys wearing earrings the same day boosting their confidence as well as beauty.

The doctors specialize in the specialized flap closure technique of earlobe hole/tear repair and ensure that you go back home with an earring in place after the surgery.