Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction Procedure

Breast reconstruction procedure or breast cancer reconstruction surgery is the re-building of a breast, usually in women following surgical removal of a part or cull breast tissue. It is a type of breast plastic surgery as it involves the use of autologous tissue or prosthetic material to construct a natural-looking breast.Often this includes the reformation of a natural-looking areola and nipple. This procedure involves the use of implants or tissue taken from other parts of the woman’s body. Our Team is able to offer the complete range of reconstructive techniques which are used in breast reconstruction, including :

Immediate and Delayed Reconstructions

An immediate reconstruction is performed at the time of the mastectomy or cancer removal. The advantage of this technique is that it allows the natural breast to be preserved. It also means that the woman never experiences life without a breast.

Not all women are suitable for an immediate reconstruction. A reconstruction performed at a later time (delayed reconstruction) i.e. breast reconstruction after radiation can also produce a very natural looking breast. Usually a larger area of needs to be introduced for a delayed procedure, as the natural breast envelope has been reduced at the time of the initial mastectomy.

Autologous Reconstruction

The term autologous simply means the use of the patient’s own tissues for the reconstruction. Many options are available but the commonest used are:

Prosthetic reconstruction also known as breast reconstruction with implants.

The term prosthetic refers to the use of artificial materials for reconstructions. The types of materials and devices used are similar to those used for breast augmentation.

These techniques can be performed as immediate or delayed reconstructions. They may consist of one or two staged operations. Excellent results can be achieved. Prostheses are best avoided in people who have had, or may require radiotherapy. Immediate reconstructive cases may require the use of an initial tissue expander. This is a device that can be serially inflated with saline to increase the volume of the reconstructive breast, and in so doing, will increase the amount of overlying the breast. In single stage or in the second stage of a two stage procedure, the surgeon inserts an implant, beneath a pocket under the pectoralis major muscle of the chest wall.

Direct to Implant ('One-Step') Breast Reconstruction post-mastectomy reconstruction with a direct to implant or a “one-step” approach allows for a single-stage reconstruction of the breast mound in select patients.

This approach is best suited for patients with good preservation of the breast after mastectomy. A permanent implant is inserted immediately following the mastectomy, forgoing the initial placement of a tissue expander and subsequent expansion process

What it won’t do

Breast Reconstruction surgery does not significantly change the size of your breast. If you want to look fuller or smaller, you might want to consider either breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery.

Oncoplastic breast surgery

This technique involves the reshaping of the remaining breast tissue after a breast cancer is removed. The breast will be smaller than before the removal of the cancer. This technique may improve the shape of an older or drooping breast. There are many factors which influence what will be the optimum type of reconstruction for you.

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